When I started doing work in this class not for college, or for my parents, or even for the whine within, I liked it.  I liked science, and I understood it, and I was doing something that was wholly, totally, solely mine.  For me, by me, of me.  So Iā€™d to thank you for that, for having the vision and soul to be able to go this route, for fighting to do it, and for knowing what it really means.

This class has been an epiphany for me, truly.  It has done nothing less than restore my faith in humanity, in people in myself, and in learning.  I have learned that learning can be worthwhile, teachers can be real people, and a bunch of misfits -- black and white and otherwise -- could sit together and figure some prickly physics question out.  AND have a cool time doing it.

No more perfection, no more running around in useless AP classes, no more working mindlessly, and now, no more high school ever.