Over the next few iterations of this website, the following chapters will be added:

Teaching the Skill of Learning

An exploration how to teach the skills that are essential in both academic success and in preparing student to live life well.  These include self-directedness, metacognition, expression, and social skills such as leadership and collaboration.  These skills cannot be taught like ordinary content, but must be woven into everyday classroom structures.

Starting the Year

The start of the school year is pivotal in establishing the desired classroom culture. Spending time to discuss the bedrock philosophy of the class is an investment that will pay for itself throughout the year.  This chapter explores how to introduce yourself and your course on the first day, how to explore the philosophy during the first week, and how to implement the various classroom structures during the first month.

Changing Your Practice, Changing Yourself

What is the optimal path towards a transformed classroom?  In what sequence should the various strategies be implemented, and at what pace?  How does changing the role of students in the learning process change your role as a teacher?  This chapter explores in detail how you change your practice, and the effect it will have on you as a teacher and a person.

Implementing Ideals in the Real World

There are many forces at work that make the transformation described in this site more difficult.  How can you move towards our goals while acknowledging the structural impediments?  How can you work with colleagues and administrators who disagree with your philosophy, or are opposed to the strategies you are implementing?