I don’t consider myself a math-science person at all, but I always looked forward to your class, not just because you made science class interesting to me for the first time in my life, but also, every day I could count on learning something more than just physics.  Perhaps the most meaningful thing I took out of my year in your course was your philosophy on teaching, the idea of assuming responsibility for your own learning and self-directing your path for success.  I loved that I was able to learn so much in your class, but never once did I feel overstressed or a desire to compete with my peers.  That has never been the case in my other high school courses.  In your class, everyone worked through the concepts together, and we were there to help each other understand.  Your class was unique, refreshing, and I learned more than in any other classroom setting.

As I’m finishing up high school and reflecting, I’m certain that my time in your class was the most positive academic experience I had.  I won’t soon forget all of the lessons you passed on.