The example below describes a three day review for an AP exam in psychology.  

Before Day 1:  Students receive an overview of exam topics in the form of a review packet.  They are given a practice test online to complete at home.  

Day 1:  Students immediately get into study groups with answer keys to the practice test.  Each student evaluates his own test and determines the areas of concern to work on.  The group discusses every question that any group member got wrong or didn’t understand.  The basis of the conversation includes the correct answer to each problem, the reason why it is correct, and the reason each student’s wrong answer was chosen.  Each student then fills out the form below to decide on what his focus for review is going to be.

Students are given a summary sheet, also below, that identifies the appropriate activities for any area of concern.

The rest of the period is open work time.  Students can work on contract items individually, with peer tutors, or in groups of their choosing.  Workshops can be offered on specific topics, to be led by the teacher or by students who are proficient at those topics.  Outside resources, such as study centers and review sessions outside of class, are offered as additional support.


Day 2:  Open work time continues.

Day 3:  Answer keys are provided for all contract items that are skills-based.  A whole class review is possible at this point, with the proviso that students who need to continue working on contract items or  students who are already well-prepared for the test may opt out if they choose. A pep talk and advice about test-taking may be appropriate.